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I'm a Visual Artist,  Embodiment and Life  Experience  Photographer from  Oakland, California. My  cultural background and  family is from Mexico  and my educational background is in the field of Sexology, Tantra,  Creative Art Expression,  and Somatic Bodywork.

My Embodiment  Photographs are about  sharing awareness in all  things related to  pleasure and sexuality. It's my intention to  inspire others to embrace their own  pleasure and sensuality.  This is about bringing awareness and presence to a moment in time or an experience and connection to your heart center in an non judgmental safe space. I've learned through my own healing and spiritual practices to reconnect authentically to my true nature free from shame. Tantric awareness has been a healing journey for me and in my path has reconnected my passion for art. In my own experience, this awareness has opened much opportunity to move forward in life with a feeling of an all over body lightness. An opening of awareness in my own body, mind, spirit and pleasure (all forms of pleasure; sensual/sexual, physical, emotional, spiritual).

I will continue to share Fine Art Photographs in a variety of collections such as sexuality, pleasure, selflove, sensual, energy, emotions, body positivity, nature, landscapes, trees, ancestral and more from life experiences. I enjoy working with mixed lighting, shadows, bright energetic colors and abstract.

As a Visual Artist, I enjoy exploring using mediums like acrylic, pen, oil pastel, mixed mediums for drawings and paintings. All of these will be available as prints and on some products. I really like to explore and adventure so it's really about what is calling to me at the moment. The creative mind flows at it should. There are sometimes that I look to my photographs for inspiration and paint emotions or energy that I see arise in them. I enjoy embracing colors, textures and all the richness that I can feel and sense. I've been through many ups and downs to get to where I'm at today and I acknowledge and accept all of it. Creative inspiration seems to come more easily and I embrace the flow of new energy in my life. 

It is our true nature as human beings to connect and express openly and experience all forms of pleasure (sensual/sexual, physical, emotional, spiritual)!

For additional information about my coaching services in Creative Art Expression, Intimacy, Tantra, Somatic Healing and more please visit my website ...

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*Please note that any artwork purchased on this website, a portion will go towards a Scholarship Fund I have created to support People of Color, LGBTQ+ community and lower income for any of my Authentic Tantra Coaching programs.






- Maya Angelou